A gnomish made gun that packs a punch

weapon (ranged)

The blunderbuss is a short-ranged gun that fires a blast of lead shot (or whatever is handy). The long load time makes this tricky in melee combat, but it can be devastating when used properly.

Load Time 2 full-round actions
Range 15 ft.
Area cone-shaped burst
Damage 3d6
Saving Throw Reflex half

The ammunition for the blunderbuss weights .25 lb for each shot. Alternately, other metal objects (i.e. nails and metal shards) can also be loaded into it. Blunderbusses are a new weapon and have yet to be perfected. This means there is a 5% chance that each time it is fired the weapon will malfunction. This increases to 10% if something other than its intended ammunition is used. Roll on the chart below (d20) to see the results of the malfunction.

Die Roll Result
1 – 3 Blunderbuss explodes (3d6 damage to wielder)
4 – 10 Flint must be replaced (1 full-round action)
11 – 16 Gunpowder is damp (must be reloaded)
17 – 20 Trigger has locked up and must be fixed (3 full-round actions, Craft (Firearms) DC 12)


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