Wren (Deceased)

A diabolist in service of the Pit Fiend Nybrus


It is difficult to look away from Wren, once you’ve seen her. That plays heavily in her favor. She is a half-elf with unnatural looking red hair. Her eyes are yellow with flecks of green, or vice versa depending on the light. She generally has an amused look on her face, even while she is trying to kill you. Her body is covered with tattoos of vine-like patterns that appear to move if watched closely.


You don’t know much about Wren save that she works for the pit fiend Nybrus and, though she is pleasant to be around, she is thoroughly evil. She commands a group of mercenaries who are helping her hunt down Athiel to return her to Hell.

Wren died in Steamhome. The killing blow was delivered by a well-timed magic missile and a 50-foot drop.

Wren (Deceased)

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