An abomination birthed in the depths of Hell. Half-dragon, half-devil, hoping to escape her past.


She is a humanoid, of an average height an an attractive face, by human standards, but the similarities end there. Above the high collar of her regal dress scales can be seen, reflecting the moonlight. Horns curl gracefully from the sides of her head, a crest runs along the top and disappears below the collar. The eyes are blood red, and have such an eerie quality about them that it is difficult at best to maintain eye contact.
(Picture Credit: Lamin Martin)


Twenty years ago, two eggs were stolen from the silver dragon Adelonda by agents of the pit fiend Nybrus. Eggs from a number of other dragons were also taken in an attempt to combine devil and dragon and create a terrifying abomination. The silver dragons’ ability to change shape turned out to be the essential component in this unholy experiment. Athiel and her brother Horkol were born. While Horkol seemed to fit perfectly in Hell in temperament and stature, delicate and good-natured Athiel did not belong there. However, her supernatural abilities showed promise and her devilish keepers had no intention on letting her go.
Ten years ago, Adelonda found her way into Hell and located Athiel and Horkol. Athiel was quick to leave, but Horkol refused and ran away. Adelonda couldn’t stay long enough to convince him otherwise, so she left with Athiel. The two of them have been moving about Athalan, hiding in different caves to try and avoid detection by Nybrus’ agents, specifically Wren.
Now Adelonda is dead, and Athiel has joined with a party of adventurers, heading West in hopes to seek help from a legendary dragon called Zhuqul.


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